Aka Akasaka Taiwan Live Interview

Aka Akasaka Taiwan Live Interview

This interview contains manga spoilers.

Full video interview with Aka Akasaka and his editor in Taiwan where he answers questions about the future of the manga, how he relates to certain characters like Ishigami and Fujiwara, and more.

Turn on closed captioning for the translation.


Interviewer: Good afternoon, everyone! Welcome to our Kaguya-sama brief interview session! I'm Xiao A, and I'll be your host for today!

We're very happy to have Akasaka Aka-sensei with us today! Please give him a round of applause!

Well then, let's have Akasaka-sensei greet everyone here, alright?

Aka: Ah. Nice to meet you, I'm Akasaka Aka. I'm very honored to be invited for this event. I'm looking forward to the interview session.

Interviewer: Well then, Sensei, you arrived in Taiwan just yesterday, right? What are your impressions towards Taiwan so far?

Aka: Ah, I've been wanting to visit Taiwan for a while now. It's kinda like Japan in a lot of ways, and it feels amazing. I have a lot of love for it.

Interviewer: Sensei ate some oddly coloured shaved ice yesterday. I wonder what flavour it was?

Aka: Ah! That one, huh... It's a little sour, but the tapioca balls are sweet, so it's a constant cycle between sweet and sour. It was tasty.

Interviewer: Does that taste like falling in love?

Aka: Hahaha. Yes.

Interviewer: Where in Taiwan would you like to visit the most?

Aka: Where would I like to visit, huh... I can't go this time round, but... I would like to visit Jiu Fen (九份).

Interviewer: I'm sure that you would like to know where the popular confession spots in Taiwan are, right?

Aka: Haha! Ehh, I wonder where... Well, I guess... For the manga, I guess... If Kaguya and co. were to come, somewhere like an airport, or some sort of event would be the place.

Interviewer: I believe Sensei would also like to know where do we go for confession or dates and stuff, but I believe all of you guys here are single. (hahaha)

But if you do, please do leave a comment below!

Now I wanna ask, I've heard that you describe yourself as the combination of Chika and Ishigami. More specifically, what do you see in these characters that resembles you?

Aka: That's right. Let's see... In Fujiwara's case, we love games. Like, board games. Also, her personality... When my family or friends come over, I feel like a Fujiwara. As for Ishigami... He has some pretty negative thoughts sometimes, and I'm kinda like that too ...that's what I think.

Interviewer: I see.

This is a question that many people have: How much time does Chika have left?

Aka: Is this about the "Fujiwara dies" thing that I said?

Interviewer: Yeah.

Aka: Hahaha. Fujiwara... right. Well, she'll die when her time is up.

Interviewer: Normal lifespan?

Aka: Yeah, normal lifespan. She'll die when it's time to die.

Interviewer: Wow, that's a relief!

Aka: Well, she might die if she gets too exhausted after teaching Shirogane volleyball.

Interviewer: I see. Speaking of volleyball, Ishigami is getting his own volleyball chapters recently. We're curious as to whether the odds are in Tsubame's favour, or Iino's? Or... maybe Kaguya? That's not possible, right? She should be locked on with Shirogane, right?

Aka: Ah, I can't reveal that yet! (hahaha)

Interviewer: Well then, sorry to our audience! We tried our best in asking!

Aka: Earlier, I mentioned how Ishigami and I are similar. I myself liked a senpai in high school, so I understand how he feels. If it were up to my preferences, he would end up with Tsubame. But Ishigami is Ishigami, so the outcome remains unknown.

Interviewer: People who bet on Tsubame, you'll have to second guess yourself!

Right, now we'll be sharing the results of the popularity poll we hosted on Taiwan anime forums with Sensei!

Aka: Understood. Please do.

Interviewer: The champion got 26.9% of the votes. The runner up got 22.8% of the votes. Second runner up got 15.9%. And now, the results!

In the first place, Hayasaka Ai!

Aka: Ohhh! Haha.

Interviewer: Runner up is Kaguya!

Aka: Ohh!

Interviewer: Second runner up goes to Chika!

Aka: I see!

Interviewer: What does Sensei think about these results?

Aka: Hayasaka? That's a surprise. Never thought it'd be Hayasaka.

Interviewer: We actually held two polls, and Hayasaka came up top in both of them!

Aka: Hayasaka! I see. I'm surprised. I gotta give her more appearances, then.

Interviewer: A round of applause from Team Hayasaka!

Overall, Shirogane and Ishigami are on 3rd and 4th place respectively.

Aka: Who's higher in ranking?

Interviewer: Shirogane is.

Aka: Oh, okay, okay...

Interviewer: Sensei's male characters are also quite popular!

Aka: Ah, thank you.

Interviewer: Next question: Will Mama Shirogane appear and punch Papa Shirogane?

Aka: Eh?! His mom? That just sounds evil when you put it like that. Probably not.

Interviewer: For those of you who are waiting for this part, sorry!

Aka: Shirogane's parents?

Interviewer: We were hoping for that to happen.

I heard that Sensei has a set of the characters' costumes stored in your garage. Have you tried wearing them before?

Aka: Yeah, I do have them.

Interviewer: Do you have the whole set?

Aka: But wait, weren't those... I'm pretty sure an interview said those were from the movie set, If I'm not mistaken, I think the production company sent me those?

Editor: Yeah, the ones used in Young Jump?

Aka: Ah, those ones? They might be. I feel like they might have been from a mail order.

Editor: Ah, it might be official goods.

Aka: It might've been from someone handling the official merch.

Editor: I see.

Aka: That's probably it, yeah.

Editor: They're aff- available now.

They're on sale as anime merchandise, so he's got one.

Interviewer: I was talking about you trying one on.

Aka: Hahaha! I probably won't fit. The chest area is a bit too tight. Might be Kaguya's.

Interviewer: I see. It seems like we stumbled upon some secret.

A lot of people are looking forward to the ever-so-important-for -a-high-school-student graduation trip. Is it possible for them to come here for the trip?

Interviewer: Graduation trip? Or is it the school trip?

Aka: Graduation trip, maybe. School trip is gonna be in Kyoto.

Interviewer: Woohoo, let's get hyped! That'd be great!

We all want to read Kaguya-sama for as long as possible. Maybe 10 years, 20 years? So how much progress do you think we're at?

Aka: Let's see...

How much do you think?

Editor: 50%?

Aka: Haha. I wonder.

My editor says it's at 50% right now.

Interviewer: I see. Well then, what do you actually think about the character Shijo Maki? It's like she's just there to be bullied. Do you bully her because you like her, or because you don't like her that much?

Aka: I have strong feelings about her.

Interviewer: Are the "strong feelings" positive or negative?

Aka: It's out of love.

Interviewer: So Sensei is that type of person, I see.

Aka: No, I'm not.

Interviewer: Alright. People are wondering if Kaguya's brothers will appear eventually, and can they date freely? Kaguya's older brothers?

Aka: They'll get screen time during the school trip. They're not good people, though.

Interviewer: Can they date freely?

Aka: Hmm... I wonder. Some can, and some can't.

Interviewer: Wow, Sensei is a master of Taichi! Also, the manga is titled "Kaguya Wants to be Confessed to", but they already confessed. Will the title of the manga change?

Aka: Uhhhh... hahaha. But the title isn't dead just yet. It still has its reasons to be there.

Interviewer: We'll be looking forward to that! Last but not least, Sensei, you had mentioned in previous interviews that you're quite fond of bad endings, and this worries the readers. So the direction of the manga will be...?

Aka: I love bad endings, yeah. That being said, of course I would want the characters I like to get their happy endings. They're still fighting with their power to get their happy endings. Fighting against me. I'm fighting against the characters. If they win, they get their happy endings. If I win, they get bad endings.

Interviewer: That's scary.

Finally, can we get a "How Cute" from Sensei? In Japanese, of course. The famous line.

Aka: Huh?

Interviewer: "How Cute"?

Aka: Hahaha. Oh my, oh my... I'm here because everyone here is quite fond of Kaguya-sama. How cute... Hahahaha.

Aka: dies from embarassment

Interviewer: Thank you, Sensei! Before we finish, let's have the President and Chika present something to Sensei!

Aka: Thank you very much.

Interviewer: We thank Sensei very much for attending our interview session today. Please say goodbye to our online viewers!

Aka: Bye~

Interviewer: Thanks for watching!