Kaguya Voice Actors Interview From Animage July 2020

Kaguya Voice Actors Interview From Animage July 2020

Konomi Kohara - Chika Fujiwara

The anime is on its 9th aired episode; how has it been going for you so far?

Kohara: All members of the Kaguya-sama team have joined their forces and are working hard in order to make the anime have an abundance of charm, so I think the viewers must be seeing the way it has been enhanced again and again. Every time I watch it, I think to myself that the art and music and everything is just fantastic.

What do you like about Kaguya-sama?

Kohara: When I read the manga, I remember being attracted to it, thinking "This is a school life story and a new kind of rom com that has never been done before". Of course, the characters are attractive, and since there is something to be liked in each character for the reader, that could also be part of the appeal of this work.

Tell us about your experience voice acting as Fujiwara.

Kohara: I thought "She's an innocent girl with a cute smile!" at first but was completely betrayed, haha. Althought she has a cute face, she is kind of a psychopath, or like, her existence itself is a bomb. I cannot become Fujiwara Chika by just acting cute, so it was like receiving a challenge letter from her each time I got the script. Especially for the rap episode (Season 1) and the training episode with President. The challenge is how much I can break myself to completely become her. It was really an ordeal, hahaha.

What does Fujiwara think of Kaguya and Shirogane's relationship?

Kohara: In her mind, while she sees them as "Kaguya-san and Prez", it's probably no more than "They're kinda suspicious...". If she really noticed, you'd think that she would fully support them; she's the kind of girl who loves everyone, after all.

Why does Fujiwara, the Love Detective, sense relationship talks so easily?

Kohara: I wonder why... instinct, perhaps? Maybe she is equipped with the ability to read between the lines or something, hehe.

Please tell us ways in which you and Fujiwara are alike.

Kohara: Just like she holds everyone in Shuchiin Student Council precious to her heart, I always think that I really love the Kaguya-sama team too, so maybe that's where we are similar. As for differences, hmm... I am not as much of a psychopath, haha. But I really love Chika-chan for all that she is.

About the "True Love" term that appeared in the story - what kind of love do you think it is?

Kohara: What could it be? (lol) I think it is not just "I like you" or "I love you". It should be caring for and trusting each other - I feel like that's most important.

We've got loads of fun scenes - please tell us one that left an impression on you.

Kohara: The newly introduced Miko drops bombs from a different angle than Fujiwara and that's fun, isn't it? She's so cute since she responds with very different facial expressions depending on who she's dealing with. I was grinning the whole time at the recording.

Any shocking scenes that you witnessed at the recording studio?

Kohara: It's probably Prez's training episode. That was a shocking situation for sure. Please try to imagine: Makoto Furukawa giving it his best, and Konomi Kohara crying out of despair, hahaha. It was chaos in a very good sense, hehe! But it was super fu-u-un.

Tell us about forthcoming highlights in the show.

Kohara: Ishigami is usually a gloomy character, but from now on we're getting close to his background story. You'll be able to see a different side of him and get hooked. I hope you can watch over him while enjoying the anime.

Yumiri Hanamori - Ai Hayasaka

Tell us about your thoughts as you look back on Season 2.

Hanamori: In Season 1, there were a lot of charmful scenes about Kaguya-sama and Prez playing games with each other. However, Season 2 also had stories focused on the charming characters such as Miko and Hayasaka. I feel like viewers will be able to enjoy the plot even more.

Where do you think Kaguya-sama's charm comes from?

Hanamori: The pacing is awesome. While Kaguya and President Shirogane are poker faces in reality, their facial expressions and thought patterns break down in their monologues. In addition to this gap, the pacing, the cuteness, the regrets due to turning blind with love... All of this in combination makes it really interesting.

Can you tell us what is charming about Hayasaka since you voice acted as her?

Hanamori: I feel like for Hayasaka, one of her charms is that you don't know what's on her mind when seeing her. Given that, I really treasured the opportunity to depict her emotions peaking out from under her mask in scenes such as the Season 1 when she visited the Shinomiya main family with Kaguya.

What are your thoughts as you watched the distance between Kaguya and Shirogane and their exchanges?

Hanamori: Just get together already!

If you, Hanamori-san, were to bump into a lover's quarrel between Kaguya and Shirogane, what would you do?

Hanamori: I will disappear before they notice my presence. I don't want to become involved, heh.

Kaguya always has talks about love with Hayasaka - for you, are you the type to consult others about relationships, or do others consult with you?

Hanamori: I consult people. I always become the listening side.

About the "True Love" term that appeared in the story - what kind of love do you think it is?

Hanamori: It's like how you feel joy when you watch them eating delicious food and being happy... I'll stop there because it's embarrassing. Hahaha.

Tell us about a Season 2 scene that left an impression on you.

Hanamori: Every member of the student council is full of charm, but what lingered in my memory is how the plot became centered on Miko and Ishigami starting from the middle of Season 2 with the election and sports festival. It depicts human strengths and weaknesses in such a charming way that I can't help but cheer for them.

Any shocking scenes that you witnessed at the recording studio?

Hanamori: Well, speaking of shocking things... though you've already heard it... it's got to be Prez's song training depicted by Makoto Furukawa. He sang out of tune on purpose, but I was still carried away by his singing ability and lung capacity that shone through. Furukawa-san is awesome. Too awesome. I was super touched!

Tell us about highlights in the show from episode 10 onwards.

Hanamori: Ishigami does protagonist stuff wonderfully. Yes, he's doing protagonist stuff. Let's all carry on until the last episode!

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Translation: captain_sokira#1275

Thanks to Hippopadu#4085 for coordinating the TLs.